Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling Tipsy??

Can someone please explain tipping to me?? I mean I guess I understand tipping a waitress or waiter...perhaps even my stylist or the lady who does my nails; I believe those people make little to nothing so they rely on tips...which is fine because it makes them do their job well, or not get a tip, but where does it end??
I had my couches cleaned a few weeks ago and was getting a check ready to leave with my husband so he can pay them. I then said, "crap, I don't have enough cash to tip them" and in turn he looked at me and asked why in the heck we had to tip them. Good point. Why do I have to tip them?? Don't they get paid to do that?
Why do certain professions expect a tip and others don't??
How about we start tipping our teachers? If you educate my son/daughter and get him enthused with's a tip.
Or our doctors?? Hey you found that weird looking mole before I's a tip.

Why do places like Starbucks (sorry Rachel) have little jars on the counter looking for tips?? Don't you get paid to make my Cafe Mocha (no whipped cream please). And if the pay sucks, isn't that suppose to motivate you to educate yourself and get a job where you aren't making mochachocafrappmachiato's??
I saw a tip jar at Subway!! What??? I came in there to buy a sandwich (actually I hate Subway, I was just buying a gift card for someone...but anywho) and now I have to give you more money to say, gee, thanks for making me a sandwich??
I was helping a friend move and we were following the moving truck to her new home, she said that she needed to stop by the bank to get cash so she can tip the movers. Why I asked? She responded with a "To thank them for doing a good job and not damaging anything"...WHAT?? but isn't that what they are suppose to do?????? Are they "don't always get the job done movers" or "will do a great job as long as we get a tip movers"???
How come I don't get a tip??? I am helping you with your health...and if I make you feel better, shouldn't I get an little somethin-somethin?? I mean I know you already paid me for the treatment, but really that was clearly just a "base-pay", now I need more.

Here's a tip....don't 'tip!

Stop the pink fest....

Okay I will warn you now readers....this may hit a nerve for a few of you and may even piss you off but I write what I feel.
Lately I've been getting a few requests to be part of some sort of fundraiser/walk/cryfest for breast cancer. I want no part of it!!!
Let me begin by saying NO ONE deserves to go through the pain, suffering, anxiety, fright, etc, of cancer or other diseases. My feelings in no way minimize what those people are going through, nor does it mean that those who participate in these fundraisers/walks are wasting their time...but............
Do you really think that by taking a walk for a few miles and wearing pink is going to all of a sudden "beat" the cancer?????? That your $1000 or whatever amount donation is going to all off a sudden motivate scientists to "find" the cure????
Let's start there...
Do you really think we don't have a "cure" for cancer?? Of all the brilliant minds in the last, oh say 25 yrs, no one has found anything to deal with this issue? Think about it people....think of the trillions, not millions, but trillions, that the United States would lose if there was to be a "cure". The million dollar machines, scanners, speciality clinics, doctors, and please let us not forget the pharmaceuticals. These would all be gone...along with the profits.

This whole "together we can find a cure"....really?? Let's me use a metaphor that may seem silly but let's go for it....
We are all over at someones home. Suddenly I realize that I lost my keys....hmmm....let me look on the couch that I am sitting on...nope don't see it....a friend comes by, "hey, what is the matter.....oh I lost my keys....gee, let me help you look for them" So now we are both looking on the couch. After a few minutes go by...a few more friends come over...."what's the matter?....oh we are looking for some keys........we'll all help....." Now I have twenty people looking for my keys on the couch. Yet no luck.....ALL OF A SUDDEN....some brilliant voice says..."hey, maybe you lost it somewhere else...maybe the keys are not on the couch....." So we all look elsewhere and in five minutes we find the keys in a different room, and no where near the couch.

Okay so did that make sense??? I guess my point is, if for the last 25 plus years, we are donating money to research drugs for a cure for cancer, perhaps we should be doing the research somewhere else?? Perhaps the answer is not a pharmaceutical??? Perhaps the answer is in a different room and not on the couch. All that money you raised is just bringing more people to look at the couch.

This is not to say that pharmaceuticals/surgeries/chemotherapy's don't have a place in our conventional way of thinking towards cancer, but perhaps if their is still no "cure" even when we have these "great" things, perhaps we should look at more unconventional ways??
Did you know that when a cancer or "sick" cell is exposed to full oxygen, it either reverts back to a healthy cell or the cancer disappears???? How come we never hear about that?? How come that money can't go to oxygen research??

If a group of people want to get together and go for a walk and wear pink boa's, well, go ahead...have a blast....but please please please....don't be under the notion that you are making a difference....because you aren't. You are supporting yourself, a family member, a friend etc....but you are not changing the outlook of the disease.
This is the same for the whole "wear red", and now we have made a difference for women and cardiovascular health....really?? I wear red all the time...I don't think anything has changed.

So please don't bother writing me on how I am heartless...or a bitch or whatever...instead...write to the Susan Komen association or another one of those types and find out where your money is really going...