Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tyson Liars!

Tyson Foods, the world's largest meat processor and the second largest chicken producer in the U.S., has admitted that it injects its chickens with antibiotics before they hatch and then labels them as raised without antibiotics.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has told Tyson to stop using the antibiotic-free label, but the company has sued for the right to keep using it.Poultry farmers regularly treat chickens and other birds with antibiotics. But scientists have become increasingly concerned that the routine use of antibiotics in animal agriculture may accelerate the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
After Tyson began labeling its chicken antibiotic-free, the USDA warned the company that such labels were not truthful, because Tyson regularly treats its birds' feed with bacteria-killing ionophores. Tyson argued that ionophores are antimicrobials rather than antibiotics, and are not used on human patients. Tyson suggested a compromise which was eventually accepted by the USDA -- they would use a label reading "raised without antibiotics that impact antibiotic resistance in humans."Tyson's competitors: Perdue Farms Inc., Sanderson Farms Inc. and Foster Farms sued, and in May 2008, a federal judge ruled in their favor and told Tyson to stop using the label. Not long after, USDA inspectors discovered that in addition to using ionophores, Tyson was regularly injecting its chicken eggs with gentamicin, an antibiotic that has been used for more than 30 years.The agency told Tyson that based on the new discovery, it would no longer consider the antibiotic-free label "truthful and accurate." Tyson objected again, claiming that because the antibiotics are injected before the chickens hatched, the birds can truthfully be said to be "raised without antibiotics." Tyson has filed a lawsuit against the USDA, claiming that the agency had improperly changed the definition of "raised without antibiotics" to include the treatment of eggs.

This typical big-business lying is not just Tyson, but also with Splenda (They would dearly like you to believe that this artificial sweetener is natural because it is "made from sugar". But it's nothing but another half-truth meant to convince you of a falsehood, and the Sugar Association has sued them over this marketing strategy.), 7-up, Omega 3 eggs, and farm-raised fish being labeled as organic (Applying the organic label to animal food products raised in food factories is a simple bastardization of the term. It is impossible to obtain all the benefits that were naturally included in these fish once artificial manipulation is introduced into the system.).
Don't let them make suckers out of you!

Alot of this is from check out his

Vaccine Scam

For quite some time I have known of the IMMENSE side effects of the HPV vaccine Gardasil; effects such as infertility, stroke, and death just to name a few. Did you know that our immune system (in a normal healthy woman) is usually strong enough to clear up this kind of infection on its own, and does so in more than 90 percent of all cases. The CDC even admits to this fact on their website. In fact, most cases of Cervical Cancer are due to not getting regular pap smears/exams. As long as you're getting regular PAP smears, cervical cancer can be caught in its early, and easily treatable, stages...:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
So, the question begs to be asked: WHY is the HPV vaccine being pushed so vigorously when:
it prevents a type of cancer that is very rare to begin with
it protects against a virus that, 98 percent of the time, is not the cause of cervical cancer
it prevents a type of cancer that can be easily caught and treated by promoting regular gynecological exams
it offers less protection than what promotion of safe sex practices could accomplish
it is promoted to girls years before becoming sexually active, even though the vaccine may only offer about three years worth of protection
it prevents just 4 out of more than 100 strains of HPV; all of which your body can clear up on its own in 90 percent of all cases anyway
it has NOT been proven safe. No one knows if it can cause cancer or infertility.
And why would the feds go so far as to add Gardasil to the list of vaccinations that all female immigrants ages 11 to 26 MUST get before they can obtain a green card? We're not dealing with potential import of bubonic plague here. Since when do we have to be vaccinated against cancer in order to be let into a country? Cancer is not a contagious disease. According to a New England Journal of Medicine study, the use of condoms reduces the incidence of HPV by 70 percent, offering FAR better protection than Gardasil.
The federal government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has received over 9,000 reports of problems since the vaccine's introduction in 2006 which include at least 28 spontaneous abortions and 27 deaths. To bring this further, many researchers have found many "coincidences" with the HPV vaccine and a sterility program that W.H.O has been working on for many years, under hush hush circumstances of course. And I'm not just having a conspiracy theory. There have been "vaccination programs" in other countries which later have been found to have hidden sterilization properties. Such as in ..:namespace prefix = u1 />..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico etc… You can check with the British Medical Journal. These are facts.
I think this would be a more appropriate message to send out to young women: There is absolutely no reason to risk the serious side effects of this vaccine to prevent an infection that goes away on its own 90 percent of the time. And there's no guarantee that you'll be protected anyway since you can still get HPV once you've had the vaccine. It's really a no-win situation for those who receive it. Of course, you can radically reduce your risk of getting HPV in the first place if you follow safe-sex practices or wait to have sex until you're in a committed relationship. Then, keep your immune system in tip-top shape and it will be more than able to shake any HPV virus that comes its way.
So don't fall for the "one less" bogus commercials. And make sure to do your research before deciding to give your daughters this BOGUS and potentially harmful vaccine.
It is NOT the government's job to keep us healthy. It is our own. If you look through years of research the government organizations such as WHO have been looking into population control methods for YEARS. Whether it is fluoride (also a sterilizing agent) to mercury, AIDS in hepatitis shots in the 80's, GMO's, countless poisons as food additives etc…these are all little ways that affect our health.
DO YOUR RESEARCH before giving in to the conventional vaccine schedules. We all want to protect our children, but there are reasons why chronic illness (asthma, allergies, etc) are on the rise as well as Autism, and other forms of neurological deficiencies. Pay attention to what you are putting in your children, because in the end those same health care organizations that lead you to believe certain things are right, will not be there to help you when those things go wrong.
It is always about one thing and one thing only. MONEY. It is unfortunate that most MD's cannot get their dicks out of the pharmaceutical money bags long enough to actually think for themselves. So do it for your children and question every thing the doctors want to put into your child.

The Green Bandwagon

I've been meaning to write about this for sometime, however life has its way of taking all my time!!
By now many of you have seen your favorite go to products becoming "more green". Well at least they claim to. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS NONSENSE!! It is clearly hip and trendy to jump on the green bandwagon, but unfortunately many large companies are not doing what they claim. Proctor & Gamble for example, who makes products such as Tide, Herbal Essence, Pampers, Crest and many other well known brands, is just one of the few companies that full of bullshit!
Let's take products such as Herbal Essences shampoo and Olay Complete Body Wash. They contain comparatively high levels of 1,4-dioxane, a chemical that has been characterized as a probable human carcinogen by the EPA and banned from personal-care products in the European Union...yet it is advertised as "Natural care". it isn't! Doesn't anyone ever wonder why the USA says it is okay to use and sell products that are FORBIDDEN in Europe? Could it be that they know something that the government and these companies don't want us to know?? Hmmm....
They use lines like "naturally inspired", or "natural oils" Lets look at Tide, a common detergent. Their "newly worded" Pure Essentials (more like pure crap) line, which is, as I said, newly worded and just different versions of the Tide, Bounce, and Downy brands. P&G describes Pure Essentials as "a collection of laundry [products] with naturally inspired scents for a relaxing, refreshing, romantic, or uplifting experience."
Pure Essentials' scents might be "naturally inspired," but apparently P&G's intent is to cloak the entire brand in a green guise. Essentials' packaging replaces Tide's dazzling, industrial-strength hues with an earth-tone tan and images of aloe and citrus. Scents including Waterlily and Jasmine, Rose & Violet, Vanilla & Lavender tempt consumers with "natural"- sounding appeal. P&G is too clever to positively assert the use of natural ingredients in Pure Essentials. To the contrary, according to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Tide Pure Essentials Detergents, the products are identical to conventional Tide! In the end Tide, Pure Essentials, and Simple Pleasures are simply the same, a petrochemical detergent with some natural fragrances.
According to the International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre, ethanolamine is "corrosive to the respiratory tract, the skin and the eyes. The vapor is irritating to the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tract. The substance may cause effects on the central nervous system. Exposure could cause lowering of consciousness… Repeated or prolonged contact may cause skin sensitization."
Is that really a product you want on yourself, your spouse, and your children?? Though it may seem like I am picking on P&G, have no worries, they are not alone! They are however a large company, therefore their products will be ones you are familiar with.
Anyway...I guess that's my venting for the day. I do suggest a book (not sure if it is out yet) called the better world shopper. It is a pocket guide of a variety of products that get graded A through F. My favorite company, Seventh Generation was actually voted No. 1 company on the planet! I am proud to be a consumer of theirs, as they not only tell you full truth and disclosure of their products, they have been doing the "green" for YEARS before it was trendy to do so. They actually care about what you use in your home and how it affects our planet. Here's the link if you are interested:
As usual I can go on and on, but as this blog is long enough I shall stop! Have a great day...and have you done something for the planet today???

Earth Day..HUMBUG...Earth Year!

Kind of sad that the planet that sustains us only gets one day out of the year...but hopefully many of you can help with some "green deeds" to go way past just a day. Officially, Earth Day is April 22nd.
There are many wonderful and easy things we can adapt to and do our part to help our environment.
Here are just a few:
Take shorter showers; set a timer for 5 minutes. Turn the faucet off while you brush your teeth. Turn off the lights before we leave a room (especially night lights and bedroom reading lights).
Draw on both sides of the paper and use up all the scraps. Make use of broken crayons-- don't just throw them away. Use less packaging and throwaways when packing a lunch/meal.
Use a reusable bag for grocery shopping, such as a canvas tote. If you take your lunch to work everyday, make sure it is in a reusable lunch bag.
Limit your use of paper goods such as paper plates, cups, and towels; As well as Styrofoam, and plastic.
Plant a tree!!!!
Recycle, recycle recycle! Electronics, batteries, paper, plastic, cardboard, cell phones, ink cartridges, six-pack rings, junk mail (better yet get your name of there mailing list) etc...
Use dry erase boards versus paper notes (like post its) to leave messages for family/friends at home.
I hope you can all find at least 4 things on this list to do. In the next couple weeks I will be mailing out a list of natural/non-toxic/non-chemical household cleaner "recipes", take a look if you are interested (which of course I hope you are!)
Have a wonderful day!

Tis the Season

Well... finally it is almost over...2007 that is. So a bit of New Year mish mash talk...
I love this time of year..but for different reasons than most. Now given that I am Jewish, Christmastime isn't exactly a big deal to me, BUT I do enjoy the music (well, except for those stations that start playing them in November!), I love the lights, the snow, etc...
As most Eastern European families, we have the tradition of getting a tree the day after Christmas (sometimes day of), and putting it up for the New Year Holiday. I love decorating it, and putting presents under the tree...and trying to wait till New Years Day to open them!
But what I really look forward to during the New Year celebrations' isn't so much the presents (though those are good too!!), but the actual new start to the year. It is a fresh start, a new page, or any other analogy you want to think of.
The New Year lets me correct myself! I guess like resolutions. I know this upcoming year is going to bring alot of changes, and I am looking forward to them. It also allows me to reflect on the past year and appreciate all that I have. New friends I have made, ones I have let go, etc...
Amazing how in one year you can make a friendship so solid that it is as if you've known each other for years (Hey Kelly!). Things in your life that you thought would never
So I guess in all this mental mish mash that I just typed I am just saying to my friends, Happy New Year....may 2007 be the door you can close peacefully, as you open a New Year in 2008. I wish you ALL peace, happiness, health, and the strength to fulfill your matter what they are.
Lots of love...

are we that dumb?

Are we that dumb?? Current mood: okay
So I was watching TV last night and a commercial came on for an electric toothbrush that "tells you if you are brushing properly." Seriously folks??

Are people so mentally deficient that you need an electric toothbrush to tell you if you are brushing your teeth correctly? I mean, I don't know about you, but I started brushing my teeth around age 3, and I am pretty sure I got it down. I can't believe the crap that society falls for. Some freaking idiot is going to think that this is the best invention ever and drop the $100 or whatever it costs for it!
Why does the media, market media and journalism media, think we are so dumb? My favorite is the reporter who is interviewing the couple whose child has disappeared, or whose home burned down, or some other tragedy, and asks them..."so, what's going through your mind right now?" Hmmm…is that really a question for a Harvard grad?
Or do you think the basic 6 year old can answer that?
Why do we need to put instructions on blow-dryers that say, "do not use in shower?" Or why is it when you are watching a car commercial and the car is driving on the edge of a building…why do they have to put "this is a reenactment, do not attempt" at the bottom of the screen?
I guess in many ways this goes back to my Common "duh" blog, or the lack of it….

Truth & Love

The truth is we always say "appreciate life, you never know when it will be gone"...but do we really? Or do we fill our life with non-matters?
What do I hope to accomplish before I die? Hmmm...well.....
I want to be a good wife. I never thought of myself as the "housewife" type but I think I really am. I want to take care of my husband, I want to feed him and keep our home clean and bake him his favorite treats. Mark is everything my soul breathes. He is my water, my earth, my air, my fire and my metal. And though I know that our souls will continue to connect through our journey, I want every split second I have in this body and on this Earth with him, and no other. I want to dive into his eyes when he looks at me. I want to feel the heat of his hand in mine. I want to feel the magnetic pull of his gravity to mine.
I want to be a good mother. I can do better than I am doing right now. I can yell less, try to be more patient. I can provide more than just clothes, food and toys. I can provide memories to last a lifetime. I can provide a day filled with laughter and play. I can look into her eyes and see forever. I can kiss her tears and absorb any pain. I can hold her till her heart beats with my rhythm. No matter where I am, I just have to think about it and I can smell her. I can close my eyes and see every beauty mark, every eyelash. Because she is not just my daughter...she is my life. She is why I wake in the morning, why I inhale through the day. Why my heart bleeds if she is hurt. I am nothing without her.
I can be a better daughter/sister/friend. I can be more understanding. I can step up. I want to be able to be someone they are proud of. I want to be able to be the type of person that if they need help they will come. I want to provide love and care. I want to be less criticizing.
I can be a better me. I want to heal the broken, but I need to understand that I can't help all. I want to stop judging, but I need to understand that I CAN"T accept all. I want to embrace my culture, my ethnicity, but I need to understand that not everyone will. I want, but I need to stop wanting and accept needing.
Because in the end, isn't it always about truth and love.

Common 'Duh'

I say common "duh" instead of common sense because isn't it a "duh"?

I mean what the heck is wrong with people?? When you hold open a door for someone...I would like to hear a thank you....not because of my act of kindness, but because someone did something for you and you should validate that! I love it when they walk past me not saying a word and I yell out OH YOUR WELCOME...and they just keep walking!
Or if someone sneezes, my natural response is to say...bless you. Is that odd? Are you not supposed to do that? I mean am I offending people now?
Crazy words and/or phrases I grew up with are: thank you, I appreciate that, you're welcome, hello, have a nice day, how are you, etc....
Is this lingo old school? Am I out of touch? Are you no longer supposed to look people in the eye when you speak to them? Or ignore them completely? Perhaps this has all been an misunderstanding on my part...I assumed we were all on this planet together, living, breathing the same air, sharing similar tragedies and I guess I ASSUMED that we all should be there for one another, even if it is just a small thing like "thank you."
But is "thank you" really such a small thing? I mean take any moment in your life, whether it is something small like holding a door open for someone or being there for a family member/friend...and they say thank you. Doesn't it feel good to be appreciated? Good to be acknowledged and validated? You don't need a billboard announcement, but those two small words, even from a stranger, can change a mood.
So when you are out holiday shopping this season with all the crowds, let us not forgot common sense and courtesy. Even if others do.


Hi everyone! I've been meaning to post this forever but, well, you know how life can be, so I am finally getting to it.
One of the reasons why I wanted to do this is because sometimes it can be overwhelming to go through a website or pamphlet or something along those lines that has lots and lots of information in it, on how you can change your habits to help eliminate your carbon footprint. So I just wanted to start a blog that had a few of my favorite tips and also a few "Did you know" type trivia. So here we go!

Change your dishwashing liquid – Switch from a regular petroleum based dish liquid to a natural one. If every household in the ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />U.S. replaced just ONE bottle of 25oz petroleum based dishwashing liquid with a vegetable based product (such as Seventh Generation or the like), we could save 81,000 barrels of oil, that's enough to heat and cool 4,600 U.S. homes for a year!!
Switch your regular incandescent bulbs to more eco-friendly CFLs (Compact Florescent Light bulbs) – This is a win win situation. Not only are you being eco-friendly but you will be saving money on your electric and heating bill. Regular light bulbs convert just 10% of their electricity usage to light, while the rest is turned into heat, making you crank up that AC during the summer. In addition, a regular 100watt light bulb is converted into a 26 watt CFL, using way less energy. CFLs use 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than incandescents. It also reduces the amount of Mercury in our air. So why haven't you switched yet??
Switch to Energy Star products – Not that we can all go out and afford to buy new appliances or such but if you are in the market for it, be sure to purchase an product with the Energy Star seal. An average household spends about $615 a year on heating and cooling their home. Using Energy Star thermostats can save up to 33% on costs per year. AND you can prevent enough CO2 emissions to remove 600 cars from the road for a year. Energy Star Appliances use 10%-50% less energy and water than standard models.
DID YOU KNOW that top/bottom freezers use 10-25% less electricity than side-by-side models? And that Energy Star dishwashers only consume 5 gallons of water per load versus standard models that consume twice as much.
Organic versus non – Many vegetables we eat today are processed and contain preservatives, colors, dyes, fertilizers, and many more unhealthy chemicals. In fact, organic food is known to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins than produce that has been intensively farmed. I know we can't all afford it but here is a list of certain fruits and veggies that contain greater amounts of pesticides and chemicals than others; so going organic on these items is a smart way to go: 1. Wheat 2. Apples 3. Celery 4. Green Beans 5. Peaches 6. Grapes 7. Spinach 8. Pears 9. Strawberries 10. Winter Squash
You will also be supporting organic farmers instead of conventional factory farms; this means greater protection for the environment and for your health.
I know I've thrown out quite a few things here but the truth is, these aren't just words. You have a responsibility as an active member of this Earth, as a parent, as a brother, sister, or husband or wife. Just saying hey, that's someone else's responsibility only makes you the problem. I'm not asking you to turn your whole life around and become SUPER ECO GUY/GAL but just pick a few things that you can do and go for it. What do you have to lose?
I will try to make this a regular blog when I can…and I hope this makes some of you at least think about making these changes and/or sharing them with others!
Here are just a couple of my favorite sites:
(pronounced na-ma-stay, and represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us; It is a deep form of respect and when translated literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you")

I swear I'm educated

Okay so this is a bit frustrating. Being an alternative medicine practitioner is frustrating enough, but add family/friends into the mix...well it is almost maddening. Between Mark and I, we got quite a bit of health care knowledge between us, I mean not to brag but we are pretty educated!
So if a family or friend has an illness or chronic issue or whatever, why wouldn't they take advantage of that? I mean lord knows if there was a mechanic in the family my car would be at their shop ALOT! Same with if it was a hair stylist, a computer wiz, or whatever. Of course there is a difference between taking advantage of your friends/relatives talent/business versus using and abusing it. I understand why not us?
I really don't understand that? I mean what is so "weird" about doing what nature intended? Is it really so difficult to believe that doctors don't have all the answers?? Is it actually that difficult to believe that I might...okay...maybe not ALL the answers, but I can sure as hell give you a different view point. Something worth considering.
So that made me wonder is it me being viewed as the girl/relative that parties or as the kid they knew growing up, so it is hard to take advice from me seriously? Hmm...I don't know. I just can't understand why some people choose to live their lives in a bubble. I can't believe that they are content on just the answers from a guy/gal in a white lab coat...really?
Is natural medicine that scary? Or is it the land of the unknown that makes it scarier. Stepping outside the comfort zone, outside of the conventional zone. Not wanting to rock the boat or ask to many questions of his/her holiness MD? Don't get me wrong, this is not a rant on conventional physicians...okay...maybe it is a little, but truly it is not against them but the system. God forbid they actually study something outside of a 70 year old textbook.
I think if people actually new what there docs knew they would run! Did you know that in medical school the main area of study is on disease and's great. If I am dead I will go to them for their great advice. Almost NONE of their studies surround true prevention.
Instead they give really brilliant advice like, oh you need calcium, drink milk. HA! What a freaking joke. Do you have any idea how much calcium is in milk...let me just tell you..less then 1% will actually be absorbed, but don't worry all the hormones, antibiotics and steroids that the cow was given while on its pathetic diet will be absorbed.
I can probably go on for about 20 more pages but I suppose this is longer than I intended anyway...I guess my point is, take advantage of the talents/gifts/education of your friends/family. That is partly why we are all here isn't it? To learn from one another and better our lives? Just in case you forgot that part...also on my page are some quick and easy eco-tips to help diminish your carbon footprint.
I have lots of tips myself, and am going to put them up on a separate blog soon. Aren't you excited for it? I challenge each and every one of you to actually think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone...go for it, I dare ya!