Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kids say the darnest things!

So my dear "angel" Hannah put me in a bit of a embarrassing moment twice this week over her comments about other people...out ear shot of those people....

Moment #1 Walking at the mall behind a couple of women. One of the women had a particularly um..well...quite large behind. In case I did not see it, Hannah was sure to point it out to me...out loud. "Mom, why is that lady's butt so big and fat." Ugh......I know the woman heard her...and I cowardly snuck in the first store we past....unfortunately it was the disgusting store Acbercrombie...I still have a headache from that.

Moment #2 Walking through Target and we pass a man who was quite large. Hannah who normally goes on warp speed through stores, ssssllllloooooowwwwwssss down as she passes him and says "Mom, why is that man so fat". Ahhhhhhh...okay quickly down the next aisle I go...though it was the pet aisle, and I don't have pets. Unless of course you count my children, which on many days I do. I do have Charles and Oliver, our Caterpillars who are now in their cocoons, but I don't think that counts either.

So I hushed her and said don't say those things. They hurt people's feelings...and I am quite sure that both the woman with the large derriere, and the man who looked like...well...fat...already know of their physical issues.

But kids are curious and they always state the obvious. I myself have been victim to her true remarks. Mom, why do you have bumps all over your belly and butt. Ahhh...thank you for pointing out my cellulite and stretch marks...I almost forgot about them.
And it isn't like she is making up stories or telling lies...these "statements" of hers are matter how much I cringe when I hear her say those things.

So I guess for now I hope that she keeps her thoughts to herself or at least at a whisper...but until then, I suppose I better get creative with the aisles or stores I suddenly feel the need to enter.

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