Sunday, December 7, 2008

Earth Day..HUMBUG...Earth Year!

Kind of sad that the planet that sustains us only gets one day out of the year...but hopefully many of you can help with some "green deeds" to go way past just a day. Officially, Earth Day is April 22nd.
There are many wonderful and easy things we can adapt to and do our part to help our environment.
Here are just a few:
Take shorter showers; set a timer for 5 minutes. Turn the faucet off while you brush your teeth. Turn off the lights before we leave a room (especially night lights and bedroom reading lights).
Draw on both sides of the paper and use up all the scraps. Make use of broken crayons-- don't just throw them away. Use less packaging and throwaways when packing a lunch/meal.
Use a reusable bag for grocery shopping, such as a canvas tote. If you take your lunch to work everyday, make sure it is in a reusable lunch bag.
Limit your use of paper goods such as paper plates, cups, and towels; As well as Styrofoam, and plastic.
Plant a tree!!!!
Recycle, recycle recycle! Electronics, batteries, paper, plastic, cardboard, cell phones, ink cartridges, six-pack rings, junk mail (better yet get your name of there mailing list) etc...
Use dry erase boards versus paper notes (like post its) to leave messages for family/friends at home.
I hope you can all find at least 4 things on this list to do. In the next couple weeks I will be mailing out a list of natural/non-toxic/non-chemical household cleaner "recipes", take a look if you are interested (which of course I hope you are!)
Have a wonderful day!

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