Sunday, December 7, 2008

are we that dumb?

Are we that dumb?? Current mood: okay
So I was watching TV last night and a commercial came on for an electric toothbrush that "tells you if you are brushing properly." Seriously folks??

Are people so mentally deficient that you need an electric toothbrush to tell you if you are brushing your teeth correctly? I mean, I don't know about you, but I started brushing my teeth around age 3, and I am pretty sure I got it down. I can't believe the crap that society falls for. Some freaking idiot is going to think that this is the best invention ever and drop the $100 or whatever it costs for it!
Why does the media, market media and journalism media, think we are so dumb? My favorite is the reporter who is interviewing the couple whose child has disappeared, or whose home burned down, or some other tragedy, and asks them..."so, what's going through your mind right now?" Hmmm…is that really a question for a Harvard grad?
Or do you think the basic 6 year old can answer that?
Why do we need to put instructions on blow-dryers that say, "do not use in shower?" Or why is it when you are watching a car commercial and the car is driving on the edge of a building…why do they have to put "this is a reenactment, do not attempt" at the bottom of the screen?
I guess in many ways this goes back to my Common "duh" blog, or the lack of it….

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